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Tracking and Preventing Diseases with Artificial Intelligence
to be published by Springer

Scope of the book
All around the world, the spread of infectious diseases is a major concern as it directly impacts the health of people. In spite of the medical advancements, there remain several incurable diseases for which prevention is the only cure. Recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rapidly adopted to assist physicians in diagnosis, disease tracking, prevention and control. Due to increasing availability of electronic healthcare data and rapid progress of analytics techniques, a lot of research is being carried out in this area applying machine learning/deep learning techniques to assist the medical professionals for making a preliminary evaluation. This book aims to demonstrate the potential and advancements of artificial intelligence for tracking and preventing diseases. Prospective authors are invited to submit their original contributions that deals with theory, methods, systems and applications of Artificial Intelligence for tracking and preventing diseases.

The topics of interest include, but not limited to:
For better understanding by the readers, basic concepts, related work reviews, illustrations, empirical results and tables are expected to be integrated in each chapter to give the readers a maximum understanding and allow to easily follow the methodology and the results presented. The target audience of the edited book will come from different backgrounds. The audience will share and exchange novel knowledge, methods, industry experience and theories. The chapter contributions should described solving challenging issues using machine learning or data mining in any of the following domains:

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